Sunday, February 27, 2011, I mean Hoping for Spring!

Hello my Lovelies!  I hope everyone's weekend was fabulous! 

I went to the Scrapbook Expo yesterday and spent some quality time with friends,  as well as, too much money...haha!

We spent the whole day there doing the 8am to Midnight can tell this is before I started doing area is still clean :D  We had a lot of fun...

But, what I wanted to share with you today is not Scrap related at all....unless you count felt scraps....haha!

Spring is coming soon....and all the thoughts of flowers and eggs and yummy Eastery treats inspired me to create these!

Deliciously Cute felt bunnies in Milk Chocolate Felt....

White Chocolate Felt.....

....and Dark Chocolate Felt varieties :)

A sweet Easter Bunny for everyone's tastes....heehee....
All wrapped up and ready.

I have the Whites and Darks avail in my shop if you're interested....the Milks already hopped to their new homes!
And please, never hesitate to tell me if there is something you want, but don't see for sale.  I'm more than happy to make something especially for you :P


And take a look at these Gorgeous Gals! I treated myself with these Beauties from Artist Betty Stoumbos....better known as can visit her blog here.

Aren't these fantastic!  They are so whimsical, with a touch of Gothic Goodness :)
I urge you to visit her shop to see if something calls to you, too!

I'm in love with these and will enjoy having them in my Artroom where I intend to surround myself with works from my fellow artists that inspire me.....and make me smile :D  Thank you, Betty!

And thank you, too....for stopping by....that always makes me hoppy, er, I mean happy :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling Catty!

......but, not in that, "Oh my Gosh!...What is she wearing" kinda way!  If anything, I'd be the one people were saying that about...haha!

No, most eves, I put my little girl to bed....go put on my pajamas...brew myself a cup of tea.....say goodnite to my Hubby....and play in my Art Room til about 1:30 a.m.!  He has asked if I'm ever coming to bed at a normal hour again....but, it's so hard to lay still in bed dreaming of painting....when I could actually be doing it!

My daughter has decided to have a Cat Themed Birthday Party this year....and has chosen Cat Fabric in which to decorate her, needless to say.....I'm up to my ears in cats! ...And they've crept so easily into my art of late :)

As evidenced by these....heehee!

"Tuxedo Boy"

"Lazy Susan"
I keep the eyes crackle-free, then finish them with a layer of Diamond Glaze....
I love how this gives a domed, shiny quality to them!

"Best Buddies"

"Lovely Luna"
I used Irridescent Acrylic Medium for the first time on this one....that's those silvery highlights you see :)

"Lying Low in the Lavender"

These are all 5 x 7 inch canvas boards (I've never used these before and I think they're fantastic!).
All employ a wonderful crackle finish, except for Best Buddies....I opted to use a matte varnish instead so as not to obscure all the lovely fur brushstrokes.

I made sure they were painted around the edges so they can be displayed without a frame.....maybe leaned on a shelf or propped up with an easel.....

They have decorative ribbon adhered to the backs so they may be hung...these just fall behind the piece when not in use....

What do you think?!
See how much I can get done in the wee hours of the night!
They are in my shop on Artfire and on Etsy,  if interested.

Although....if I got more sleep, I could worry less about potential comments about my wardrobe...haha!

Having you visit always makes me purr!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeling the Giveaway Blues?

Don't be sad if your mailbox is a little lonely....
A new chance at Fun Mail...that's what we call it at our just a click away :)

I just wanted to pop in and give you a head's up about a wonderful giveaway happening at Cindy's Her Whimsical Musings on Monday!

She has a fantastic "Beach Party" themed Blog Candy Giveaway full of crafty goodness fit for any land dwelling Mermaid, as well as, the prize of a pretty vintage necklace over at her Online Magazine .  She features Artisans and their work every Monday.

This Monday, I'm excited to say, I'll be joining the ranks of talented women hand-picked by Cindy!  I'm so excited :)

So please pop on over there for a chance to win some treasure and to see which of my works she's chosen to share (even I don't know...haha) :)


OWOH Winners!

What an exciting journey this has been!  I started blogging last year right at the end of this event....and knew, instantly, that I wouldn't miss the opportunity this year!  What an absolute dream it has been to meet so many talented, spirited have more new inspiring Blogs to visit....and have the great beginnings to many more lasting friendships! 

.....And isn't it cool that we'll have the chance to party again next year, afterall?!  I'll be there!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... to all who've come to my little place in Blogland.....and an extra squeeze to those who come back again :) on to announcing the winners of these!

I wanted to find a way.....haha...thought I was just going to blurt it out, didn't ya'?!  I'm going to leave you in suspense a tad, but hopefully, I'll entertain you a bit along the way..........well, hear me out :)

So, I wanted to find a way to choose the winners in a different and playful to match the whole theme of my original OWOH post.....
I decided to employ the help of my trusty Assistant!

Okay, so the look on her face here doesn't look like she was willing, but she really was. Really!  I'm just a bad photographer...haha!
So, my brilliant idea was to cut tiny pieces of paper, write down consequetive numbers from 1 to 271......I know, 271!....blew me away how many that actually is!  I have the hand cramps to prove it :).....fold them into tinier pieces... that is what my helpful Assistant is doing here...


Stuff them into a balloon!  Yes, seriously!  Maggie picked out two colors, cuz there were just too many pieces to shove into 1 balloon....and these were pretty big balloons!


My Assistant loved it when I blew them up and all the little paper bits went swirling around like a little tornado in there!  There you all are!

Now when someone says you live in a bubble, you can tell them you've visited at least :)

So the plan was to pop the balloon over my kid's head with her hands cupped to see if anything fell in....thought she'd like the magical shower of paper dancing around her..... but not one to pass up a chance to do something seemingly daring with something sharp....she decided she was to pop them.

Well, at least I could take pictures this way!  I wasn't sure how I was going to pop and click at the same time anyways :)
So she stood over the table on a step stool with an eager cup awaiting beneath her....

2 loud pops.....271 scattered bits of paper....everywhere.....

Except for in the darn cup!

Oh man, what was I going to do now!  The time, the effort, the hand cramps.... Houston, we have a problem!

But wait, what's this?
My Cherub opens her hand and says, "Look, Mommy!" One stuck to her hand!
...and there on her shoulder...a speck of white....yes! The eagle has landed!

Are you tired of my corniness, yet....sorry.....but, isn't that amazing!  I'm so glad those bits of paper made themselves known, cuz I was about to tell Mags to just pick 2 up from anywhere she liked...haha!

We went back up to the Art room and I happily proceeded to package up my offerings....
Now, those of you who know me or have done trades with me understand....I do loves me a pretty package :)

As much as I love getting special somethings....I absolutely adore giving them!

I get a kick out of imagining someone's reaction to a bit of sparkle and polish :)

I know, I know....I've stalled long enough!  Those numbers were:

Wow!  If there were only a way of knowing ahead of time I could've stopped at 15....I would have avoided the whole cramping issue entirely ;P

So, Congrats to  #11 Sharon Field at


# 15 Erika at

The journals you'll be receiving will be a total surprise, I can't even remember which package is which!  Please enjoy them with my compliments!

Thank you again to you all!  It's because of you that Blogging is my favorite hobby....and why my Hubby yells at me to get some sleep at 1am in the morning :D

I'll be seeing you~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Filling in the Holes

Hi Guys!
This will be short and sweet....just wanted to show you something I haven't offered before.

Inspired once again by my collected treasure....I dipped in and decided to make necklaces from some of the shells I've been saving.  I found some great ones with naturally existing holes in them, perfect for pendants :)
I made this with pretty crystals....

This with a cluster of freshwater pearls and crystals....

And experimented with doing something a bit more flirty and feminine....

...and since I couldn't help myself,  I made matching earrings, too.....

And then...and I want to take a poll on this....I put them on and had my Hubs snap some photos....

I'll just leave this picture set to small...haha!  Don't want my crow's feet to distract from the jewelry :)
But, anyway, as I was saying.....does it bother any of you to see people actually wearing the stuff they sell on Etsy or other similar site?  Is there a hygiene issue for any of you?

I'm just curious...I don't really have much of an opportunity to take pics of my items on's usually me, alone, tearing up the house trying to "stage" the perfect photos...and I've learned that I cannot take good pics of myself :)  So, this was a bit of a treat...though I don't know if it's Kosher to the average Buyer...

What are your thoughts?

These sets can be found in my shop, that is, if you can stand that they've been worn once...haha!

Thanks again for stopping in.  You guys are awesome!

Okay, I seem to be getting the answers I suspected were true....I just want to put people at ease....I did swab them with alcohol after wearing them....haha.... And I'll not be putting any pictures of anyone wearing earrings up on Etsy :) *


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mermaid Dreams

Hello Sweet Friends!

 I can't tell you how excited I am to have you along with me....over 100 followers (not that size matters, right :P) is just a humbling and incredible feat!  I thank you all so much for finding enough in me to spark your interest....and in a lot of cases, earn your friendship!  I truly am so tickled to have you here!

Well, that being said....and it NEEDED to be said....

I wanted to give you a look at some new Hair Clips I made from those wonderful sea glass bits I collected last Summer......(and some new art if you can wait til the end...heehee!)

Do you think a Mermaid might dream of this?  Well, hopefully a few of the land-dwelling kind do :)

I love that this one reminds me of Mermaid scales, all shimmering and shiny, washed ashore for me to find....

I tried something new with the freshwater pearls perched atop the sea glass....I just really enjoyed the punches of color and interest it gave....

I really like the hodge podge ones that incorporate bits of everything in them....this one features, sea glass, pitted shell and sea tumbled pottery.....

Most of you who've visited here know that we just bought a house....well, while we were on vacation we were waiting to hear about whether our offer would be accepted, and we were trying not to get our spirits up too high just in case it didn't go our way.....

Well, as I sifted thru the sand in search of lovely bits (every year they are getting harder and harder to find) this appeared!

Can you see that little house on that tumbled piece of pottery?!  Amazing to have this gem fall into my possession at a time of wonder and unease.... I took it as a sign!  It wasn't but 3 months later we were moving into our very own abode!

I'm thinking there's something special about this little green cottage :)
...and don't you just love those wonderfully crackled pieces flanking it?!  All natural!  I haven't altered these babies one little bit ;)

...And what brought all this Sea Stuff to mind anyways?

This new painting.....

"Among Friends" 8 x 10 inch mixed media acrylic on canvas....

I used a page from an old dictionary for her tail....

Doilies made perfect seashells for her top.....

I love the way she turned out....all except this!
Can you see that smudge in her hair?  Aaargggh!  I used watercolor pencil on parts of her hair, and when I brushed the sealer smudged!  Oh's definately a mistake I won't repeat!  At least it's an underwater scene.  I'll just try to pretend it's the motion of the water instead of letting it bug me...

Well, thanks again, my Blog Buddies for checking out what I've been up makes me feel like one of the popular people for once....haha :)


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