Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Bits

Hello my Dears!
Just a simple post filled with random goodness! 

We put a beautiful creation in our bouganvillea can't see it, but she decorated the inside for the birds to enjoy, too...
...and just in case they didn't know it was for them...she labeled it...haha!

We sat on the porch and admired the happy flowers....

I've decided a pot filled to the brim with pansies is going to always be a Spring tradition!
I love having them by the front door welcoming me home ;)

Those flowers smell so wonderful when you walk by them....

The roses are in full bloom now, too :)

I've been lucky enough to receive 2 great packages in the last 2 days!

These beautiful earrings are from a trade I did with Julie at Mermaiden Creations...that big stone is Rainbow Flourite..a lot heavier than I was expecting..haha!  But it is gorgeous!

...and look at what wonderful Alia at Buccaneers and Ballgowns sent to me!  I won her Teatime Giveaway and she put together a special package based on my tea choice and love of Nature and the color green :)

Isn't that creamer just adorable!

I recently did some seed packet Wedding Favors for my friend Allison at Thrifty Crafting (she's getting married in May!)...and I had so much fun making them, that I decided to fold more envies to put in my shop....

Kinda therapeutic to cut and fold over and, it's so funny how a sheet of paper isn't nearly as exciting as when it becomes an envelope...and mind starts thinking about all the fun stuff to put inside...heehee!

I made a set called "Domestic Bliss"....the previous owners of the house left some things behind...including a bunch of loose recipes from an old cookbook.  I saved them...not because I was interested in cooking (when am I ever interested in cooking?..haha!) but because the illustrations were so cute and the pages were so nicely stained with age and use.  I even love how the Cook wrote on the pages when she approved of the recipe :)

I'm really enjoying these!  Thinking of making some out of Christmas paper and numbering them for a version of an Advent Calendar...hmmm......

Hope you've been enjoying random bits of pleasure, too!  You deserve it!!
Love ya' guys,

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello Fellow Blog Friends!

The word of my trading ways has been spreading, it seems....this time to beautiful New Zealand!

I was introduced to dear Joyce van der Lely during the OWOH event...funny that we've never met before, since we've now seen how many mutual circles we travel in...haha!  Lucky for me, she invited me to do a swap with her...

She named a few favorite pieces of mine...saying that Jewel of the Forest (the uni on the sidebar), was by far the leader....since he has gone to live in the UK and settling in quite nicely there, I might add....I decided to paint something special...just for her :o)

I don't usually spend a lot of time sketching in advance, but this being just my 2nd unicorn, I wanted to practice a bit...

I chose a prepared canvas (when I say prepared, I mean that I paint the canvas, then layer with patterned papers, then paint obtain my working surface) and sketched out my design.  Something new I tried this time was outlining in prismacolor pencil before painting...I usually just use pencil lines as a guide.

I stamped the background and tried the "drip" method...both new techniques to me, as well!

I layered acrylics and prismacolors and oil pastels to create him....

...and used irridescent medium on his magical horn...

I decided to make his eyes blue.  I'm so glad I did! They are my absolute favorite part of the painting!!

I've named this piece "Believe"
8x10 on canvas

I'm just so pleased with this elegant creature...I truly hope you love him, Joyce!  Thank you for letting me introduce him to you, and everyone else, right here...right now...heehee!

I've put him in the Print Shop just in case his eyes have captured you too :) 

All my best,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hello Everyone!

I'm so excited to share a beautiful piece of art with you! I've been fortunate enough to add a Siren to my collection via Deedra @ Foxy Blue!
The wonderful Deedra read that I love to do trades (ahem, anyone).....and suggested we do one, too....of course I said YES!

I sent her original 9x12 watercolor, "Tempest"

...and she painted gorgeous, "Nerissa" for me!!

It was hard to take a picture that truly does her justice...she has so much lovely texture, shimmer and irridescence in person....but the camera just gives it a glare...

She is on 8x10 canvas  and just brings so much Life to my tan colored walls!  Isn't that texture incredible!!              Thank you, Deedra!

I'm also excited to report that I've enrolled in the "21 Secrets" Course which starts April 1st!  21 different artists (including Tam @ Willowing) will each offer up a class that you may pick and choose them all, do a's all up to you!  I love that you have 4 whole months to dabble and play....all for just $59!  Pretty good, huh?!  Just click on the picture so Tam can tell you all about it :)

Can't wait to learn some new tricks and techniques....will I be seeing any of you there?  Let me know....maybe we can choose some of the same courses and do them together...keep eachother on track.....cuz I can have trouble sometimes with self-motivation (an understatement)...haha!  I'm a fantastic cheerleader/taskmaster, though! ;-P

I'll be talking to you all soon!
Take care...big hugs...and all that good stuff :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bugs and Blooms

Hello All!

So glad to visit with you all so soon!  I don't know about you, but things seem to be speeding up around here!  So busy now!  Our weekend is especially packed, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pop in to show all of you something a little different :)

This is my first "Big Eyed Girl".  Everyone seems to have their own version....especially in the whimsical mixed media genre.... I love the way they are always so full of emotion, probably cuz the eyes are the window to the soul....and when they're bigger, so is the window...haha!

Anyhoo, I just sat down to paint.  I usually don't do any preliminary sketches....just pull out the paper and paint prepped canvas I like at the time, draw a simple pencil outline, and begin...
I think she was waiting there for me cuz I really didn't know what I was going to paint.

She is entitled "Butterfly Garden" on 5 x 7 inch canvas board.  She gets such a kick out of visiting the Butterfly Gardens every year.  She closes her eyes sometimes and twirls, imagining she has wings....
This year, she put a flower in her hair to entice them to come even closer :)

I'm starting to get a better grip on highlighting eyes to give them more life....and I just had to try my hand at freckles....I've never put freckles on one of my girls before!  It gives her such a playful quality!

She is in the shop waiting for someone new.....

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Fill it with smiles :D

Big Hugs,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clippity Doo Dah

Hello Everyone!!!
I'm back....though I know I just last posted on Thursday, it feels like forever!

I've made some new Sea Glass clips to share with well as new art! Yay! 
So, without further delay, let's just dive right in...haha!

Beautiful shades of green glass make for such a pretty hair accessory for happy Spring fashions!

I had to bribe my Girl to be my hair model!

Amazing what power a fistful of Goldfish crackers holds :)
I love how this one is a spectrum of light to dark (or dark to light, depending on how it's worn!)

This one has such a fresh simplicity to a white cotton dress or a single cloud in the sky...

I'll just show you 2 more, though I did put more in the shop if you want to "sea" them all :)

This one has a "Shabby Chic" quality to it with its rustic, worn sea pottery bits and soft blue-greens and creamy hues.

....And lastly, I featured pearls again on this pretty clip.  I just thought it added a bit of elegance to the beautiful glass pieces :)

...So, with pearls in mind....I'd like to show you my new art piece entitled,
"Remembering the Embrace"

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting
5 x 7 inch Canvas Panel

I have more art in the wings to share with you VERY soon, I promise :) Things are busy, busy now as the inevitable yard work begins....can't put it off any longer!  Thank you for swimming by...

...I am always happy as a clam when you visit :)

Smiles all around,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

California Dreaming

Okay, I know the last thing some of you want to hear about is snow...haha!

...and I debated whether to even post this...but since, I'm working more on my daughter's Birthday preparations (I know it's not til May, but when you get the brilliant idea to make everything from invites to cupcake toppers by gotta start!) I don't have much else to share with you.....yet!

But, it was such a sweet gesture on the part of my Hubby and Little Girl...I thought I'd share nonetheless....

It's warm here in Southern California....everyone knows that, but for those of you still in snow, I envy the gradualness of your upcoming warmth....we had to drive with the A/C on in the car today cuz it was too darn hot for open March!  We stopped for smoothies and skipped the park.....and just hid in the house the rest of the afternoon.  We're in for a scorching Summer :(

But anyways...what I wanted to show you was this!

An itty bitty snowman made from 2 bags of snow my family brought back for me from their trip to the mountains....  They said there wasn't much left up there....probably mostly gone now....

...but I thought it was sweet of them to think of me....especially since we make an effort to go see snow maybe once every couple years....and I chose to skip it this year.

This poor little guy was melting even before he was finished....

So if you are dreaming of warm days like we're experiencing here.....just remember, that while we're breaking a sweat just breathing....we'll be dreaming of where you live :D

Thinking about you all....warmly :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Little Pink Houses for You and Me

Hi There, Sweet Friends!

I'm so excited about this post!  As, you know....I adore doing's so fun to fall head over heels for something and be able to acquire it with something else you made...

The wonderful and talented (and newly engaged!) Lauren at Fair Rosamund and I have done a trade like that before where I became the proud owner of this adorable piece entitled "The Strange Garden".

Her style is so different then mine....and that's what I love!  I couldn't paint like her if I tried...the whimsy just flows from her brush!

...and so, for this trade, we took it up a notch...heehee!

She fell in love with my "Cozy Street" painting a while back...and so, with that as inspiration, she asked me to do a painting of a pink house for parameters....just 8 x 10...and PINK :)

Well, with that kind of freedom, how could I go wrong?!  I just really wanted to incorporate things that she adores and personalize it for her :)

I know she enjoys Nature and butterflies....

...pretty flowers, of course....

...and, it had to be all about LOVE!  The perfection of a heart full to overflowing and a Special Someone to spill it all over!  So...lots of hearts....lots of Love....lots of Pink...haha!

Lauren, this is your painting, My Dear!  "Love Lives Here"
I hope it's everything you wanted and more :)

I had so much fun making this Garden Cottage....Thank you, Lauren!
But I didn't stop at one!  Lauren's came out so cute, I made another.....

This one is "Home Sweet Home"...all about the playfulness of togetherness and what it means to "make" a home together....

We all know the house is just 4's what you do there that makes the memories fond :) sharing a bench in a garden you planted together....

...or flying kites side by side....

I feel so much emotion stir up from these little paintings!  I wish a long marriage for you, Lauren, stuffed full with Life's best and brightest gifts :)

"Home Sweet Home" is avail here and as a print here....

Lauren is doing a special request painting for me in return that I'm giddy with excitement about...and I haven't even seen it yet...haha!!  She is so nice....please poke around her'll see why I (and so many others) are fans of her wonderful work :)

*UPDATE* I have now seen the adorable commission painting she did for me and am one cloud 9!!!  It is so perfect!!! Yay!*
Have a fantastic weekend...fill it with memories!
Sending you all the warm and fuzzies....with a decidedly pinky hue :)
XO, Cameron

P.S. I also made cards...heehee!  They are avail here :)  Okay, one more hug...and I'll go :D
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