Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Agenda

It's that time of sum up what we've done in the last 12 months.
To decide there are some things that can be improved,  others that can be strived for....and put on our list, yet again, those things that we still want, but have eluded us thus far...

The thing that most needs improvement in my Life, is my health...
Resolution # 1 Get Healthy

Since we moved and I stopped working as a Massage Therapist, I've done zero physical activity.  Do you remember the muscle pull while swatting flies incident?
I've been noticing aches and cramps that weren't there before....and a noticeable loss of flexibility....
I'm only 38. 
I spend way too much time sitting in front of the computer.
My Dad has heart issues.
I had borderline high cholesterol 3 years ago (the last time I had it checked).
Um....does anyone else see the red flags here...ding ding!!  Time to make some changes.
So, I need to drop Maggie off at school and...

Those red things are bike shorts....does anyone still wear those things? Haha!
This is for illustrative purposes only.  I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of shorts in public :)

I just need to get my physical activity done in the morning, before email and blog checks, before excuses and obligations...I need to just start my day on a positive.

Be more regular about taking my vitamins...

...and eat more veggies.  I actually enjoy vegetables, but, I find I eat the same ones all the time.  I'd like to mix it up some kale and eggplant with my usual tomatoes and broccoli.  I can become so predictable. 
Perhaps I'll try Green Shakes like so many of you do.  If you have any advice or recipes to share I'd love to hear them! :)

My second Resolution stems from something else extremely important to me.  I've always longed to make a living as an Artist. 
I know I'm preaching to the choir here.

My Husband would love for me to contribute more financially and has politely suggested that I may be able to find a job when Maggie goes to school fulltime in 1st grade....
....but, it would be a dream come true to be able to make Art my profession, and have Chief Paint Slinger be my title :)

I think we established above, with all that health talk, just how short Life is...I want to live mine doing what I love most.

I figured I'd make it my goal to get published in a magazine. If an Art Mag takes your work seriously, than the rest of the world will too, right?!  Well, maybe not....but it's something to strive for anyways :)

Besides, it would make my Mom and Dad so proud :)
...and show Maggie that all dreams are within reach...

So, I'll create...
mail in....

...and keep my fingers crossed again and again...

Until, one day...I may be able to...
Celebrate....and you'll all be invited to party with me...heehee!

My 3rd Resolution is the one that keeps eluding me.  On the surface, it seems like a non-issue.

I mean, how could someone who doesn't have to work (yet...haha!), doesn't exercise and doesn't eat veggies not be having fun..haha!  Well, I don't have nearly as much as I should :)

I want to live in my heart more...and less in my mind....

While I have no problem laughing at myself sometimes, I have trouble in stressful situations relaxing and going with the flow.  Getting uptight and tense isn't going to help anything. Maybe just laughing at the whole thing would put me more at ease :)

I don't say yes enough to her.  She's only a kid once....and one day, she'll stop asking.

 Lazy is just way too easy for me... I believe there is definately room to do better. To try harder. 

I can put the clothes away as soon as I pull them out of the dryer (instead of letting them sit in the basket for a week).

I can write a love letter to my Hubby once a month instead of once a year.

I can cook a meal every now and then, rather than heat up a frozen dinner.

I can look in the mirror....and look past my crow's feet and gray hair....and not mourn over what I used to be.  But, appreciate who I am now and just how special she is :)

Maybe I'll finally do a self-portrait?
Well, probably not....haha!  Maybe in 2013....

I'm linking this up to Butterfly Effect, where they want to know what your resolutions are!  So, spill the beans....what are you going to strive for next year?

Happy New Year, Blog Friends! 
Let's make it a great one!!

Big hugs,

P.S. Did I forget to mention I have a Guest Post there next week?! heehee!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Warm Holiday Wishes!!

I just wanted to write a quick post to wish all My Beloved Blog Buddies, far and near,
a most Magical Holiday! 

 I'm looking forward to a New Year filled with shared inspirations, fun discoveries and amazing projects with all of you!  Let's laugh til our sides ache and enjoy all the goodness
 a brand new year will bring!

Big hugs from my family to yours!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just for Giggles

Hello All!

With the stress and busyness of the Holidays....I sure have felt the need to decompress in the studio for some much needed play time.  How about you?
I didn't want to start any lengthy projects (I have enough of those still unfinished...haha!) and I didn't want to have to think too hard about shading and facial features like when doing a portrait...

So, the answer came to me...

Aren't they always the answer?!  :-D

In one of Amy's classes, she showed us how to sew fabric onto watercolor paper and use that to paint on....
I had prepared some extras and knew that's what I wanted to use.
The paint bleeds a little and gets a nice wash-y kinda effect (I know, very technical...haha!) that I really like.

I saw this saying...and thought it was perfect!

I added some ruffle from a vintage pillowcase, polka dot ribbon, a fancy brad...and some ribbon to hang it with.  A cute little reminder to turn a sour day into a sweet one :)

This next one is definately for the kid in us all...

"Sprinkles make me Smile"

Do you get all giddy when you get to eat something with sprinkles, too?

These were a lot of fun to make...and a lot less fattening than the real thing :)

They are in my Shop now.

Now, I have to start making a coffee cozy for my daughter's teacher! 
Yay!  A good excuse to catch up on some TV...heehee!

Hope you get to have a cupcake kinda day soon...
Did you know your comments and visits are my sprinkles?

You never cease to make me smile,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

BaBy NeWs!!!

Please help us welcome the arrival of a 1 lb 4 oz bundle of furry joy!

This is Sally (named after the character from Nightmare Before Christmas) :D

As all you lovely Bloggy Friends already know, my daughter, Maggie, just adores cats!  When we taught her sign language as a was the first word she communicated with us....if I wanted to get a good picture of a real, genuine smile on her of our cats just had to be in the room...
You already know about her Kitty themed Birthday party and room re-do...

She has always loved cats!
We decided this was the year to get her one of her very own...

Sally came home with us last night.
Though she is a Christmas present, we got her early so there is plenty of time to spend with her over Maggie's 3 week Winter Break starting soon.

She's staying in Maggie's room in the eves until she and our other cats grow accustomed to eachother.
I went in to check on them both....and saw this :)

Isn't that the cutest thing!  My heart just melted....

We took her to the Vet this morning where she got a clean bill of health.
She is so sweet and loves to be with people....Maggie loves to read to her.

See...Sally even looks at the pictures....haha!

Maggie is just in Kitten Heaven!

Just so exciting to have the scamper of little paws around here again!
Hope you are all having as wonderful a weekend as we are!

Can't help but smile,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sketchy Post

My Dearest Bloggy Buddies!
Please forgive my absence...
Shall I just use the Holidays as an excuse and be done explaining myself?  I imagine everyone nodding in understanding right now :P
Thank you...

I do have a wee something to share with you today.
I know I have mentioned the free courses over at Amy's really is a lot of fun to try something new...and chat and laugh with the other girls taking the class....
I highly recommend you joining in if you haven't already!

Today's class was taught by Jay at Moon-Light Creations.  He chose some photo references for us to work off of and gave us tips for shading, gridding and drawing the human form.
I have to admit, I'm not a least not for the sake of just sketching alone.  If it is to map out a painting or grander scale work, I'll quickly put pencil to paper or canvas and plug in the basics.....but, I'm more of a dive right in kinda girl...

I usually avoid complicated body angles and full length views, too, cuz I'm a lazy kinda girl also!
It is exactly these types of photos, of course, that he happened to choose....

He had us do some very quick ones....just getting the main idea and posture of the pic....
I darkened the lines for you so it would show up better here, but otherwise, made no more additions to it after class was thru.
I chose scrapbook paper to draw on thinking it would make things more interesting....instead, it's a bit distracting....oops :)
I don't measure or grid anything when I draw. I just "eyeball" some of the proportions are off.

Here's another quickie sketch...
I'm generally pretty pleased with these.  Since I don't speed sketch often, I wasn't sure how they'd turn out... I love that I have to try new things in these classes....because the teacher says so ;)

The most challenging was the one where he gave us time to really work on shading and hair (which I'm not good at) and experiment with varying lead hardnesses.
I haven't spend this much time drawing in ages!
And it felt really good to just focus on making marks on paper...almost zen-like....except for the school-girl banter going on in the text box....that I just couldn't stop giggling at!

You really should join the next class! ;P

I hope to be back with lots of new stuff...soon....
....very soon!

Thank you for taking time out of your hectic Holiday schedules to check in with me! 
 I just love you guys!!

Big Hugs,
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